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  • PET/CT

    PET is cutting-edge nuclear medicine technology, the operating principle of which is based on the fact that cancer cells consume more glucose than normal cells. To be more specific, a radioactive substance (F-18) that emits positrons is attached to glucose molecules, which are then injected into the body for cancer cells to consume. A PET scanner is then used to detect and locate the cancer cells.


    Tomotherapy, a portmanteau created by combining “tomo,” which means “slice,” and “therapy,” is a next-generation, cutting-edge cancer treatment method that can be applied in combination with image-guided radiation therapy (IRT) and helical tomography-intensity modulated radiation therapy. ​


    Gamma Knife Perfexion has made it possible to perform brain surgery quickly without any incisions and complications for lesions that had been difficult to remove completely by using high-energy gamma radiation under partial anesthesia.​